Making the Most of the Space in your Kitchen

Last year, my long awaited kitchen remodel finally happened. Emptying … [Read More...]


Bleach Art Clothing Is a Snap to Make

There was a time when spilling bleach on your clothes was about the … [Read More...]


Slippery Fun with Soap Clouds

  As I mentioned before, I am always looking for new arts and … [Read More...]


Homemade Bouncy Balls

With Spring already here, and Summer right around the corner, I’m sure … [Read More...]

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Your Shy Child Isn’t Being Rude if He’s Not Chatty

One of our main jobs as parents is to teach our children good manners. In fact, in this fast-paced world that often seems to have forgotten decent human manners altogether, teaching your children to be respectful, especially to their elders, and to have good manners is like giving them a great and wonderful gift for […]


Play Ball! And Be the Best Parent on the Sidelines!

It is that time of year again. That time of year when the trunks of our minivans are filled with balls and bats and gloves and cleats and empty water bottles. That time of year when we are marking up our calendars with more dates and times and places to be. That time of year […]


Feeling Fishy Tonight?

Most people have their favorites when it comes to dinners, one of mine is any dinner that involves any type of seafood, especially fish. The best kind is when my husband gets back from a fishing trip, he cleans scales them, cleans them, then hands them to me to cook. Does not get any fresher […]


Baby Toy Must-Haves

There are literally thousands of toys on the market for babies, so it’s tough to determine which toys to purchase for your baby.  We chose two toys that we think were must-haves for our babies.  How did we figure this out?  Our moms have babies with different interests, ages and genders, and these two toys […]

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