10 Reasons Napping is Good For You

mom-napping-toddlerI like to take naps, I do, I like to….. I never do, sigh, I have guilt. I feel like I shouldn’t, I need to be productive in the daylight hours, you don’t sleep during the day.Why should I rest when others are working. Shouldn’t I be working hard too? This is my brain people… I can’t pinpoint the exact source but I’m pretty sure it come from my upbringing. You just don’t nap.

But when you’re tired, you’re not productive anyway, so why not have a little afternoon snooze. I’m sure there’s research to show the beneficial properties of a nap. It allows you to refresh, shut down your mind and body and relax. If you have little people then you really need some recuperation time. Of course napping when they do doesn’t always work out because we often use that time to catch up on what we’ve missed.

But I think I’m going to start napping. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to fight the King off if I go into the bedroom in the middle of the day but that might just be the sleeping pill I need ;)

Here’s 10 reasons to take a nap:

1. Naps are scientifically proven to be beneficial to your brain. (science journal somewhere, too tired to research)

2. Naps can give you that extra boost you need to recover from a bad nights sleep. (Bad years sleep if you have young children)

3. Naps let your body recover, it’s like a reboot for your brain.

4. When you nap, you don’t binge snack on sugar to try and keep going.  It’s kinda hard to eat while you sleep. So naps keep you thinner.

5. Having a nap in the daytime helps you keep your youthful glow and gives you energy to get through the rest of the day. Or some late night action with the Husband.

6. Naps can alter your cranky mood. This is important because those grown up tantrums are uu..gg…ll…y and cause wrinkles. (probably, not scientifically proven)

7. Mothers with toddlers who nap, inevitably fall asleep on the couch in front of the still playing Disney movie anyway, proving that napping is essential to survive your toddlers.

8. Having naps can save you from too much trashy daytime tv. Trashy daytime tv rots your brain (another fact not scientifically proven but I’m sure it’s real)

9. Naps are good. The End

10.Who needs folded laundry, prepared meals and a tidy house anyway. Nap on, Moms nap on.

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  1. I know what you mean-naps are so good but I feel so guilty

  2. A nap sounds so good right now

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