10 Reasons Why I am Failing my Son’s Future Wife….

son-future-wifeYesterday when putting new sheets on my 11 year old’s bed, I had a revelation….what is that you ask. Well my revelation is that I am failing my son’s future wife. And that is because he did NOT know how to put new sheets on his bed. This is because I do EVERYTHING for him. YIKES…thank goodness I had this revelation before he was 18!!! So, this took me on a journey of 10 things he NEEDS to know before he leaves my house so I can ensure that I don’t fail him or his future wife!!

1. CHANGE SHEETS: Make sure he know how to change his sheets and that he needs to change them OFTEN!! I have watched too many Real World and Jersey Shore episodes where they are either sleeping on dirty sheets or on the actual mattress. GROSS!!

2. LAUNDRY: Make sure he knows how to do laundry and I don’t mean just throw it ALL in at one time and wash but to actually do laundry!!

3. BALANCE HIS CHECKBOOK/WRITE A CHECK: In this day of technology the art of balancing your checkbook and writing a check are going by the way side; however, I believe they are still important skills to learn even if they are not used every day. Financial health/success is vital.

4. BOIL WATER: And more than boil water, I want him to be able to cook. He doesn’t have to be a gourmet cook but he needs to be able to make more than ramen noodles and mac and cheese!

5. GROCERY SHOP: I want him to learn the importance of good food over convenience and how to find a good deal.

6. BE AN ACTIVE FATHER: I am fortunate enough to have a husband who is a very active DAD…he goes the extra mile and works hard to ensure he is active in their lives. Sometimes this is more than the kids would want but that is not a bad problem to have. I want my son to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

7. TO BE GRATEFUL: This is something I work to instill in both of my children…if you are not grateful for what you have now how will you ever be grateful? Gratuity is the pathway to a happy and fulfilled life!!

8. IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY: Along with being an active parent, I want my son to value the importance of family time and that hobbies and alone time are great and needed in your life, but don’t let them consume your life remember that balance is key. Family is forever!!

9. FORGIVENESS: My son has a very strong willed personality and his dad’s stubbornness, so I want to ensure that he also understands the value of forgiveness because lets face it sometimes you cannot move on with your own life unless you forgive people or events in your past.

10. CHANGING A DIAPER: Because bottom line-moms NEED help!!

So even though it is hard for me to let my son grow up and he will ALWAYS be my baby….I need to ensure I prepare him for the future!!

Amber Carcel is a working mom and wife striving to create balance and a healthier life for her family along with taking time to create memories. You can read about her family life and adventures at Memories with Mom.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. i wish all mothers were as vigilant with their sons!

  2. Patricia Johnson says:

    My son delights in helping, so I am having an easy time with these types of things so far

  3. All true! And its good to teach them early so it becomes a habit as opposed to something they feel is an artificial burden imposed on them by the women in their lives :p

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