3, 2, 1 Takeoff – with Children

flight-w-childrenAfter flying many times with two young children, I’m starting to master proper plane etiquette. I want to share some tips and tricks that have made our flights a bit more enjoyable.

1.  Pay attention to flight times and plan accordingly.  Fly when your child is typically happy or during naptime.

2. If there are layovers pay attention to the timing of those as well.  You don’t want to wake a kid up from a nap to switch planes.

3.  Make it fun for them.  Take them shopping and let them pick out their own rolling backpack.

4.  Fill the backpack with all the fun stuff you can that will keep your child busy.  Stickers, crayons, coloring books, play doh, busy bags etc.

5.  If you own a laptop or iPad bring it with as a back up.

6.  Invest in the Wi-Fi, if your plane is equipped with it.  I suggest doing it at the beginning of the flight.  This way in case of an emergency, you can whip out your iPad or laptop quickly and have something on in a flash.

7.  Break up your flight with a walk or two down the aisle.  I include bathroom breaks for my older child and diaper changes.

8.  Make sure you check in at your flight counter where you board.  Families get priority boarding on some flights.  So, make sure you know the policy to board.

9.  Carry your own bag with yummy snacks, water, meals, etc.  Obviously with security these days water and juice will be purchased after security.

10.  Have lollipops and/or gum for take off and landing.  Also, include some sort of candy for an emergency melt down.


Finally, laugh it off if you’re the parent with the screaming kid. Life happens and you can’t fix everything.

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  1. i love jet blue because they also have the movie option

  2. Vicky Faras says:

    We should definitely plan our next trip around nap time!

  3. i would probably leave out the play-doh because that could become a mess :)

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