5 Tips For Entertaining In A Small Space

HowToEntertainInASmallSpace(1)Raise your hand if you live in a McMansion.  Anybody?  No?  Me neither.

In fact, we live in a relatively small townhouse and if you rule out bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, there really isn’t that much space to host gatherings.  But we LOVE to have people over, so I’ve learned lots of great little ways to make it easier to entertain in a small space.

1. Choose Your Guest List Carefully.  Keeping in mind that there will always be one or two people that won’t be able to make it, choose several guests that have lots in common.   They will be spending the evening in close quarters, so it’s important that they’ll have something to talk about.

2. Serve The Food From A Buffet Table.  Push your dining or kitchen table up against the wall if that will allow traffic to flow around it more easily.  Lay the plates and food out buffet-style, and let your guests mingle while eating.  If there are children involved, sippy cups or lidded cups with straws help prevent spills.

 3. Provide Lots of Seating.   Make sure you have at least the pretense of a seat for each person.   Ottomans, floor cushions and benches all work great since people are quite often more comfortable standing.

 4. Have Something To Do For The Kids.  If your guests include children, set up a kid-friendly area where they can hang out without being underfoot.   In our house, the kiddos always retreat to our not-quite-finished basement.   We usually have cartoons playing, and there is access to games, toys and puzzles.

 5. Don’t Worry About What You Don’t Have.  There is always going to be someone that has a bigger house, a better kitchen, a more beautifully decorated living room.  Enjoy what you have and use it to its fullest!

Even if your home is on the small side, there’s no reason not to invite friends and family over.  And just think, after everyone has gone home, you’ve got less to clean up!

Megan Elford has a passion for her kids, domestic adoption, rearranging furniture, and eating chocolate.
She blogs about her kids, faith, adoption and motherhood at WelcomeToTheZoo.ca.
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  1. Great tips for entertaining!

  2. I am trying to make my house more entertainment friendly right now


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