8 Essential Moving Tips

moving-boxesMoving can be stressful for the best of us. Along with the physical strain that comes with moving, there is also the emotional and mental drain. But it is probably even more stressful for busy families and single parents. I’m not a single mother, but my husband is away a lot. He was in China the week before we moved. Home for three days.Then left for Europe for two weeks. So both the prep and unpacking were all on me and my [not] helpful nine month old.

Here are 8 essential tips I recommend to make moving as stress-free as possible:

  • 1. Plan and Organize-Plan on how,what and when you need to do things. Make a moving checklist and stick to it. Organize how you are going to pack- it will help when it comes to unpacking. Organize where and how you will store things in your new place. Let the control freak inside of you loose a little bit. You will be happier this way.
  • 2. Get a Headstart- Start early. Heard the phrase “The earlier you start the better”? It’s true.  Aim to get the ball rolling approximately 6 weeks before you move. Remember to set up your mail forwarding and start changing your address at the Bank, DMV etc.
  • 3. Throw things away- Now is not the time to be sentimental. If you only see or use something once a year or less, donate it to charity or throw it away.
  • 4. Hire a Mover- This will totally transform your moving experience. They take furniture apart, put it back together, place each box in the corresponding room (IF you colour code/label your boxes beforehand) hence, emotionally and physically they are worth every penny. Try Craigslist for some cheaper prices. Make sure to get at least 3 quotes before you settle on one company.
  • 5. Accept Help- Like many, I’m very good at being a martyr. But this time I was spread so thin that I humbly accepted help from my friends who volunteered to help clean our old apartment and/or new house or babysit for me. If you do this you will feel empowered and much happier than if you elect to do it all yourself.
  • 6. Unpack ASAP- If you put it off you may live out of those boxes for months. And we all know that’s miserable. So, pull an all-nighter if you have to, but get unpacked within the first 7 days! Then you can get to enjoying your life in your new environment.
  • 7. Take Photos of Your Electronics’ Wiring- I’m somewhat incompetent when it comes to wiring, so if you are anything like me, remembering which cable goes where can be a bit of a nightmare.  Taking photos of wiring really helped me with linking the TV back up to the cable box, etc.
  • 8. Plan Where Things Will Go- Using the basement or garage as a dumping ground isn’t effective use of your new space. Investing in Storage Units, such as toy organizers, bookcases and shelving may seem pricey upfront. However, they will brighten up your space, hide clutter, and save you a ton of stress by having a place for everything.

Happy moving!

Tasha is a wife, and mother to one beautiful little girl. She enjoys sharing her experiences and reflections on parenting, family, and expat life
on her blog It’s Better to Look Up.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. jennifer says:

    i couldn’t imagine moving without any help. you go, girl!

  2. harriet w says:

    hiring movers makes such a difference

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