Hi! My name is Amy. I am currently located in Orlando, FL. I have lived in Florida my whole life. I have been married to my best friend, Bryan for 13 years. We never thought having a child would be part of our future.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) a year after we got married. After 10 years of marriage, we had all but given up. In 2009, we decided to change our life style. We started eating right and working out. After 9 months of hard work, we had both lost 75 pounds, and we got pregnant. Our daughter is literally like a miracle to us. She just turned 2 in May.

Currently, I am a stay at home mom. Before becoming a mom, I had worked in the corporate finance industry. I have really loved being home with Miranda in these early years of her life. When my daughter was almost 1, I started an early learning co-op. We have weekly meeting to help our kids learn and interact in their exciting new world. We had tons of fun making crafts and getting messy.

I have many hobbies. We love to get outside and get into nature. Growing up in Florida, I have always been a very outdoorsy kind of person. Everything in life is an adventure. Whether we are using our boat on the water or taking pictures of an eagles nest, it’s always guaranteed to be an awesome day. But my favorite hobby is running a couponing group on Facebook.

There is no way I could stay home this long with my daughter without learning to live on a leaner budget. We had to give up a lot of luxuries. I took a couponing class with a local blogger. Then through trial and error I was able to figure it all out. After 2 years of perfecting this hobby, I started a group with local mamas to help everyone learn how. It has been extremely rewarding.

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