All-in-One Dorm Kit Truly Has It All

downloadWith August upon us another school year is fast approaching, and it will be a special school year indeed for those parents who are sending a child off to college. If you are among those parents who are about to take one of your children off to start a new life at college, before your nest at home becomes a bit (or a lot) emptier, you’ll need to make sure that your daughter or son has everything they need to fly the coop. Don’t worry, you just keep taking those deep breaths and dabbing your eyes at the thought of where all the time has gone; stores like Big Lots have you covered with some wonderful dorm supplies for your child.

The Big Lots Style It All-in-One Dorm Kit is an absolutely wonderful deal and now may be a really good time to impart a lesson on frugality and good deals upon your kid before they begin life away from home. Show them how smart mom is by nabbing this brightly-colored and wonderfully coordinated kit. In it you’ll find a comforter, fitted sheet and flat sheet, and either one or two pillowcases and shams, depending on whether you’re outfitting a twin or full bed. But that’s just the beginning. The kit also contains a fleece throw, a desk lamp, a water bottle, a picture frame, a mesh foldable laundry hamper, 2 wash cloths and 2 bath towels. With this kit your child will be ready to take college life by storm, as long as you’re ready to let go.

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