The Money Spent Isn’t What Makes it Magical


In our modern digital age where we’re all aware of what everyone else is doing on a frequent basis, I often wonder if party planning and playing those magical creatures of the Tooth Fairy and Santa has started to become a little too extreme. Humans are competitive by nature I suppose, and I think social […]

Building a Love for Reading


As a teacher of literature, it is sometimes really hard for me to understand why kids don’t want to read. I love books. Reading is such a wonderful way to grow and learn. My mother sparked my love of reading. I remember seeing her at night totally engrossed in a novel and always wondered what […]

Let It Go Until Tomorrow


I think I have been trying to organize motherhood life since shortly after I became a mom. If you’re an A type personality maybe you have too.  Five years later, some days I think I have it figured it out while others I’m convinced I have less of a grip on everything than ever before. […]

When is More Enough?


My oldest is getting to the age where it’s time for those decisions about activities. When it comes to parenting even something like this that I thought would be so simple I have found there is even quite a debate on this. I always just thought activities and involvement were good so end of story, […]

Family Planning: What’s the Right Number and When’s the Right Time


The fact that my husband and I have had so many conversations lately about our own plans for our family when it comes to how many children we should have and when, if ever, is the right time to add more to our family doesn’t surprise me because I’ve always been way too much of […]

Fostering a Healthy Sibling Rivalry


I grew up with two younger sisters, and I am now raising sisters.  However, when I first found out I was having a second child I worried about the rivalry or competiveness towards one another they might experience.  I don’t want one to ever feel like she is not as good as the other. Everyone […]

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