Why Throw Out Those Puzzles with Missing Pieces? Turn Them Into Art Instead!


We’ve all been there; our kids have tons of puzzles, but most of them are missing pieces. So, when we discover the missing links, we simply toss the entire puzzle. Don’t do that anymore! Our family has a solution for you and your misfit puzzles; turn them into masterpieces. My daughter has created her own […]

Adorable, Inexpensive, DIY Containers


 If your home is anything like ours, the craft supplies and small trinkets collect quickly and everywhere.  Trying to corral them almost seems like an impossible task. We have tried fancy storage bins and baskets, but they only serve as temporary fixes. So, I thought maybe if my girls had some ownership in the storage […]

Do Your Kids Cringe When You Mention Cleaning? Give Cleaning a New, Fun Name


Neither of my girls are fans of cleaning. Every day you could spot at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes littering our living room floor, 4 to 5 stray paperslying around, 3 to 4 started craft projects, and so on and so on. My husband cannot stand messes or clutter; he’s a neat freak. […]

Teaching Your Children to be Financially Savvy


A few weeks ago my husband took our two daughters to meet with a financial advisor. Our oldest had read an article in a magazine that I subscribe to for her about a 12-year-old girl who invested 10% of any money she received. The article intrigued my daughter, who turned 12 last month, so she […]

Planning a DIY Party Photo Booth: Easy Props and Cost Effective Photos


My youngest daughter wants a photobooth for her birthday party in July. After checking into the pricing, I realized that a DIY would be my best bet. Last weekend we did a test run, and the pictures turned out great! TIP #1:  Visit Dollar Stores and clearance isles in search of colorful and decorative wrapping […]

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