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A few years ago while perusing my Pinterest feed I came across a link to free homeschooling printable packs. I did not homeschool my daughter nor was she even school age but the printable pages caught my attention. I spent the next few hours completely in love with this website and everything she offered. I […]

Teach Your Children About Work and Money


Do you teach your children about work and money? Is there an appropriate age to start? In an age where the graduating classes are being referred to as the most entitled generation yet, I strive to teach my children a good balance. We have the ability to give them just about everything they want. I’m […]

Chase the Bad Dreams Away


Does your toddler or young child suffer from bad dreams? Try making a fun craft that will help make your little one feel safe, drift off to sleep with positive, happy thinking and lessen midnight scares. Make a dream catcher! We got the idea from this picture found online and used some normal materials we […]

The Power of Mom’s Hugs


When our little ones fall down, the first thing we do is scoop them into our arms and hug them tight. Preemies in the NICU cling tight to their mom’s bare chest. Parents hold each other close to show affection, sympathy and support. There is power behind each hug. Check out these benefits: Hugs have […]

Three Ways to Make Room for New Christmas Toys

make room for toys

We always make an effort to keep Christmas gifts low key but with three children, two sets of grandparents and a handful of aunts, uncles and cousins, even with each other getting the girls one small gift each, our living room on December 26th tends to look a lot like the local Toys R Us. […]

DIY Project – Make Your Own Shape Sorter


Earlier this week our family had a visit from our Parents as Teachers Educator. This program is provided for free through our school district. We’ve been enrolled for nearly 5 years now, ever since my oldest was just 8 weeks old. Our educator always comes with fun activities for us to do. The best part […]

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