Cooking with California Pizza Kitchen!


This week I received an invite from my good friends at Sacramento Bloggers to attend the California Pizza kitchen Next Chapter Event @ Newly renovated – Arden Mall Location in Sunny CA Take a look at all of the food options I got to taste : -Bianco- flat-bread with whipped truffle cream , gorgonzola , […]

Watch out for the Mean Moms!


There are movies about it. Remember the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan.We all experienced it in high school. You were either apart of the in crowd or the out crowd. The Mean girls would walk the halls and prey on any and every body they wanted and some how they were still cool. If […]

Crying Baby on Board!


The other day my 4mos old daughter begin to cry on the way home from the grocery store. Let me give you a little back round information about my daughter. She hates no –  despises her car seat. So much so that I don’t call it her car seat. I call it her arch enemy. […]

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