Grocery Budgeting- When Coupons Alone Don’t Cut It!


For us, it seems affordable grocery budgeting is a huge challenge!  We are a family of four, on one income and our household consists of; one picky-eater pre-schooler, one allergy sensitive toddler and two pets.  We choose to eat a balanced diet often consisting of meat, fresh fruits & vegetables.  We have unavoidable necessities (with […]

Cabin Fever? My Tips for Getting Set for Spring!


Oh moms and dads, I have read so many posts lately about the horrid winter weather we are all experiencing!  I wanted to share how we are preparing for Spring indoors to help offset cabin fever! Before you know it Spring will be here, even if it might seem otherwise! #1 Stock up on storable […]

New Year’s Resolutions- Tips & Tricks to Stay Motivated!


According to recent articles in the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology and only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful. This year I had some pretty big resolutions and they involved my whole family!  I wanted to focus on living a healthier lifestyle, so I could have more energy […]

Holiday Traditions with Toddlers- Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe


   I love the holidays.  I love cookies too!  These past two holiday seasons we have enjoyed making these cookies, as a family!  Even as young as 2-1/2 years, Hayden was able to help out!  Not only did he remember making (and eating the cookies) last year, but now he was enthusiastic about letting others […]

How I failed in explaining donation & charity to my toddler (and what I learned)

Donation and charity

  Every mom has those moments with preschool age toddlers.  An inspired moment, when you have great intentions to teach them a valuable life lesson, and you fail. An epic fail.  In my scenario, after a solo trip to Goodwill, I decided to discuss donation and charity with my son. We have a few unused […]

Best Blogging Practices: My Tips for Newbie Bloggers!

9-25-13 Best Blogging practices Mind Map

I still consider myself a “newbie” blogger, I am self taught and the blogosphere is so large you will likely learn something new (sometimes three or four things) a day.  Depending on your niche or goals in the blogging arena some of these tips may not pertain to you- but I have put together a […]

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