Bicycles, They Are Not All Created Equally


Is your child in need of a bicycle? If so, look no further! If you all have not noticed yet… my family and I are outdoors people. Our favorite place to be is outside. It does not take much to make us happy, we could be playing in the backyard, on a boat, swimming, going […]

Independence Day DIY Fun

popcicle sticks

Independence Day is quickly approaching. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, especially to celebrate the upcoming holidays! If you are looking to entertain your children and teach them the history of Independence Day, here are a few DIY crafts that can help you do just that! Everyone loves rice crispy treats, especially if they are […]

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Breakfast or Dessert, You Decide


I am not a big breakfast person, I usually grab a banana and a pre-made protein shake as I am running out the door for work. However, over the summer I am off work, so I have time to make myself and my family actual breakfasts. I love it! Some days I am feeling eggs, […]

Father’s Day Gifts, It is The Thought That Counts


Father’s Day undoubtedly brings up fond memories. Whether it is the time dad taught you how to play catch, ride your first bike, do a dive into the swimming pool, or how about that first weekend fishing trip with just the two of you? You really owe the man something for all he has done […]

Top 10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Fathers Day is Sunday, June 15th. Before I had a child, I never knew what to get my dad for his holiday gifts, let alone Fathers Day. He is the type of man to buy whatever he wants so when I ask him what he wants he would says “save your money”, or “surprise me”. […]

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Vaseline, A Beauty Essential


Did you know Vaseline is beneficial to your everyday beauty needs? I had no idea until my grandmother, whom I call my beauty queen let me in on one of her little secrets, Vaseline. She is 83 years old, she gets compliments often about how good she looks for her age. I started getting curious […]

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