Parenting Made Easy


 Lord knows parenting isn’t easy, especially with multiples. If you’re like me, you feel like you’re losing your mind 87.6% of the time and the other 12.4% you’re trying to sleep. Well, here are a few ideas to make your life, and parenting, just a little easier. Every child wants unlimited access to Mommy and […]

Guilt Free Snack Ideas


I have always been fairly lucky when it has come to maintaining my weight. I always had a very high metabolism and was very active growing up, even into my early 20’s, and never had to focus on what I ate. Now that I am a new mother to three children I have not been […]

The Controversial Family Bed


As I have mentioned before, I have three beautiful children with ages ranging from 7 years to 9 months old. I must admit I have been a huge advocate for co sleeping and family beds from the day my oldest was born. However, prior to my little angel coming home, I was completely against it. […]

Genius Kitchen Tips and Tricks


  Having children requires you to become time savvy. You never know when a new little emergency is going to occur in your sweet pumpkins life. Here are a few tips and fun ideas to help you save time and frustration in the kitchen. Grate cold butter. Your stick has to be nearly frozen for […]

Baby, It’s HOT Outside


Let’s face it, it’s hot inside too! The best way to beat the heat with your children this summer is to surround yourself with water. If you do not have access to a pool, there are simple and inexpensive ways to create a fun water world right in your own backyard. One of our favorite […]

Two Pantry Must-Haves


For several years I have been a huge advocate for Apple Cider Vinegar. I, personally, use it on my animals, for my children and I for health care reasons, on my salads, and any miscellaneous requirements around our house (such as non toxic cleansing/disinfecting, bug control) etc. During my most recent pregnancy I started drinking […]

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