Patience Is Rewarded

11-4-13 patience takes practice thumb

Sometimes when our girls are working on something I get impatient. It’s not like they are taking forever, but they are painstakingly debating every stroke of a crayon and every snip of the scissors. It’s enough to drive me crazy. A project that they could have easily completed in 10 minutes takes 45. I don’t […]

Get Your Morning Running Smoothly

10-28-13 first day of school thumb

Our mornings run pretty smoothly. I like to think we’re a well-oiled machine, however, I know it’s the result of a lot of hard work. I’m a total night owl and was blessed with 3 children who are hard-core morning people. Like I’m talking about wake up by 6:30 and get dressed before they even […]

Tricks for Grocery Shopping with Kids

10-23-13 grocery thumb

The grocery store can be a fun place to go. I love wandering through the store and finding new products. I like to read the labels to make sure I know what the ingredients are. I like smelling my produce before I pick it so that I can make sure it’s fresh. And I especially […]

Nighttime Perspective


Bedtime came be the most hectic time in any house. You’re exhausted. The kids are exhausted. You’re thinking about the thousand things you still need to get done before you can end your day. And then just as you think those sweet kiddos of yours are falling asleep… They get out of bed. They ask […]

Parenting Lessons from a Jellyfish

9-25-13 Jellyfish

Every August our family travels to Hilton Head, SC for a week long beach vacation. Our girls are getting older and they look forward to this trip long before we remember to book it. This year was even more fun than last year with one tiny exception: I was stung in two spots by a […]

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