Mother’ Day Present Ideas


Each year my husband asks me what I want for Mother’s Day and each year I say,“I don’t know.” I like surprises. I don’t like making a shopping list for my loved ones and just guessing what I got by the shape of the box and how it aligns with my wish list. But after […]

Driving Me Crazy – Life with a Two Door Car and a Kid


When I got pregnant, one of the first questions people started to ask me after the obligatory, “Is it a boy or a girl?” (we kept it a surprise), was “Are you going to get rid of your car?” If reproducing meant that you automatically had to switch out your ride for a minivan, I […]

Mamma Chia – the Squeeze Pouch Moms Don’t Have to Sneak Eat


‘Fess up, you’ve eaten your kid’s puréed pumpkin banana squeeze pouch on more than one occasion. Whether you’ve looked longingly at Coco Orange Mango and said, “Oh, I’ll finish that if you’re not going to…” or more boldly tossed Blueberry Apple Purple Carrot in your bag for a convenient on-the-go snack for, you know, whoever […]

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party


It is that time of year again. My son’s birthday is here – all of 3 years old! Don’t get me started on the “Where does the time go?” bit because I may just start crying. But now that it is his birthday, that means is also time for setting up what I think is […]

From Planning to Landing – Tips for Flying with Toddlers for the Holidays


Traveling during the holidays is stressful, especially when it involves trekking through an airport. Not only is it busier, but everyone has more stuff. From the family of 5 stuffing their heavy coats into the overhead to the lady who wants to carry on her gift basket, it is an overwhelming experience. Add your energetic […]

The Aftermath of Grandma’s Visit


On a good day, we live 12 hours away from our family. Driving to the airport, endless security lines, flying time, layovers, delays, and a missed connection here or there all add up to making travel to visit us a big pain. With no direct flight to our city, most people don’t even want to […]

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