I Hate You and I Don’t Even Know You


Having access and opportunities to engage with a large variety of people and cultures sometimes can be a bit over whelming. All the sights, sounds and smells can become unnerving and paralyzing. Perhaps you come from a certain background where you are groomed to certain thoughts and behaviors that just don’t allow your mind to […]

Who is Really Paying Attention?


I will try to keep my uneasiness in check. A few weeks ago while having breakfast my daughter and I heard a news report about the changes to the SAT’s coming 2016. I will say that my daughter is very vocal about the United States as it is but when I tell you she jumped off her seat […]

So If It Doesn’t Affect Me…Is Discrimination Ok?


I asked a friend once “Do you really believe that anyone would willingly want to be hated for who they love?, Do you think people knowingly would choose to be beat up, spit at, made fun of and constantly be ostracized because of their life style? Can you imagine living in fear of being killed […]

Stop Pointing Your Finger


 This is not an easy subject to tackle or even one that many like to touch upon or discuss. As always I never shy away from real life or from any opportunity to have a teaching moment with my daughter. She is close to turning nineteen (19) years old now and entering a new stage […]

La Vie Est Belle


I found the true meaning of that phrase in the past two years. Life is Beautiful. 2013 is a wrap and everyone is abuzz with “New Year Resolutions”. Everyone wants to start a Bucket List. A bucket list, really? Even the name it’s called sounds like crap. After all what do we use buckets for […]

Teach Your Son To Be a Gentleman


I am an avid reader. Magazines, Books, Blogs and so forth, it allows me to be transported to other places. Reading also allows me to learn about how other people deal with or view certain issues. Something I read made me think about this. Should teaching your son to be a Gentleman or your daughter […]

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