Me Vs. The Fat Girl


How much do you weigh?  No really, I want to know. What?  You’d rather not say?  It’s just a number though, right?  Like a shoe size or your birthdate.  It’s just another number. But it’s not really just another number, is it?  In true Maria Kang fashion, we feel obligated to have an excuse for […]

Dealing with Picky Kids in 5 Easy Steps


Got a picky kid in your house? If you don’t, I envy you. I’ve got 4 picky people in my house … and there’s only 5 of us in total. My picky eaters don’t eat jam, tomatoes, onions, most fruit, most kinds of pizza, potatoes, carrots, anything but white bread, salad, pudding, corn, most kinds […]

5 Things I Would Tell My New-Mom Self


It seems like forever ago.  My teenaged son was once so tiny that I could hold him with one hand curled up by my shoulder.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about being a mother — several jobs as a nanny, working at a daycare, and a degree in education will do […]

5 Tips For Entertaining In A Small Space


Raise your hand if you live in a McMansion.  Anybody?  No?  Me neither. In fact, we live in a relatively small townhouse and if you rule out bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, there really isn’t that much space to host gatherings.  But we LOVE to have people over, so I’ve learned lots of great little ways […]

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