Their Lives are not Ours To Judge


There are rare people in the world who are truly suited to be together. Not everyone gets to be with their soulmate, that’s a special couple who find each other and then live out their lives. Sometimes they find each other and circumstances make decisions for them and they don’t end up together and 25 […]

10 Reasons Napping is Good For You


I like to take naps, I do, I like to….. I never do, sigh, I have guilt. I feel like I shouldn’t, I need to be productive in the daylight hours, you don’t sleep during the day.Why should I rest when others are working. Shouldn’t I be working hard too? This is my brain people… I […]

When the Playdates Change to Study Dates


My little girl just had her first study date… She won’t see it like that but that’s what it was. In fact if I mention ‘date’ in a sentence she’ll freak but isn’t our job to have a little fun with them too? Anyway, the kids had a half day at school and so they […]

Cyber Friendships and Family Celebrations


In this new century of online media AND everything it stands to reason that we can make as many online friendships as IRL ones. Before facebook had us hooked up to everyone we’ve ever met since middle school, we had to stay in contact via phone and face to face meetings. We even had to […]

Not Home for the Holidays


I need to go home, there I said it. It’s been a thorn in my side for months now. I finally recognize the behavior. When everything becomes overwhelming, life, the kids, daily tasks, my moods, the news, healthcare, guns, violations of civil liberties…people looking at me funny… just EVERYTHING! I know I need to just […]

We All Need Security, But That Can Look Different for Each of Us

10-28-13 security

It’s been on my mind for a long time, I know I’m a realist, bordering on pessimist but I also know the importance of being prepared in case of the worst. It’s what I was taught. My dad was a planner and a thinker and in a way, I guess a schemer. He taught me […]

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