Breakfast and Lunch for Busy Moms


Currently, I’m a stay at home mom of four but, this hasn’t always been my life. I worked up until the birth of my second child. For the last three months of my second pregnancy I was a working mom with a two year old boy and a husband that was on the road Monday […]

I Am a Feminist


Close your eyes and get a picture in your mind of a feminist…what she looks like and how she acts. For me first I see a long haired hippy with hairy armpits carrying a sign about equal pay. Then I think of a pulled together CEO presenting an idea. Finally, I see a working mom […]

Ode to the Scarf


I am like every American woman out there (I think…I hope) and I have a closet full of scarves I hardly ever wear. Light airy and floral, heavily knit and practical…they hang upon my overfilled hooks. These tapestries of color were bought with the best of intentions; usually after paging through one of my many […]

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