I Have Never Called My Daughter Beautiful


No, you heard that right. I have never called my daughter beautiful as far as I remember; not as a policy, but just because I am from a working-class family, and it’s not a word we ever used about people. ‘She’s a looker,’ you might have heard, or ‘She’s a pretty lass,’ but those things […]

Parental Omnipotence


Over twenty years of parenting I have, little by little, been disabused of the belief in parental omnipotence; I have learned that behaviour, and how children turn out, is the result of a wonderful kind of alchemy of parental influence, genetic inheritance, experience, and cultural and peer group influence. There is no simple cause and […]

Kids Don’t Need Boundaries, Parents Do


I hear people say ‘Kids need boundaries’ but I think that’s the wrong way round. Kids don’t need boundaries, parents do. Parents just need to know where their boundaries are, and express them clearly so that kids know. Children learn about where the boundaries are through watching you live your life expressing yours. So ‘You […]

Body Language Speaks Louder than Words

Body language Speaks Louder than Words

Words have only been around for about 200,000 years, which may sound like a long time but on the clock of human evolution they only appeared at about two minutes to twelve. Before then all we used was body language to communicate so we’re very good at that. So good in fact that we don’t […]

My Kids Turned Out OK!


Who’d have thought it? My kids turned out OK in the end. My first son, after a shaky start, turned out not to be a deranged psychopath after all. He’s a lovely caring young man, has lots of friends and he doesn’t bite, kick, hit or scratch any of them. My second son has not […]

Finding the Humour in Parenting


Why is Humour in Parenting not Taken Seriously? Laughter is a great tool for getting us through the difficult times but we are rarely advised to find the humour in parenting. When we become mothers we are supposed to suddenly morph into a generic nurturing stereotype who always takes the job of raising children very […]

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