Baby Jogger City Micro Single Stroller


The very last thing you should do as a first time mom is go shopping at 8 ½ months pregnant, in the heat of summer, tired, looking for a stroller. That is exactly what I did. My brave husband pulled down every stroller. He pushed them around. I just stood there, blank stare. It wasn’t until I was 3 weeks post-partum I finally went to the grocery store by myself. It was me, a 3 week old, and a new stroller in the dead heat of summer in the Publix parking lot. I’m pretty sure I cried after 15 minutes trying to figure out how to pop that stupid thing up. I must have gotten a lot of pitiful looks from passersby. Finally, I decided to put it back in the car and go home. Never will I have to experience that again. Now I have found a stroller that I will tell everyone about.

Let me introduce you to the Baby Jogger City Micro Single Stroller. This is the most amazing thing I have ever purchased. Here are some of the details; it only weights 18.5 lbs, age/weight capacity: newborn to 50 lbs. Its Quick-Fold Technology allows you to fold your stroller with one hand. The seat reclines to a near flat position for baby’s nap time. Multi-position canopy with clear view windows shield baby and keep them within view. It has a large, easy to access under seat storage basket for on-the-go supplies.

Living in central Florida, we frequently go to theme parks. This stroller makes going through the check points so much easier. Collapsing this stroller to move through transportation in and out of a theme park is incredibly easy. For our busy lives and many adventures, this stroller is like a breath of fresh air. The way it folds up is literally genius. You simply pull the strap in the center of the seat and it folds up flat. This flat design helps as a space saver in the back of the car/van. It is also so awesome that the back reclines all the way down. As you know, if your baby or toddler falls asleep while out, that nap could be the difference between a good outing and a bad one. Another feature I wanted to mention is the steering. It’s so easy to push and turn with one hand.

Having had a terrible stroller before this one, I can honestly say this is the best investment I have ever made!


  1. zandrea jones says:

    its good that you found one thats so easy

  2. This is something that I would never have thought about, either, before I had my daughter. Thanks for sharing your story of trial and error!

  3. Agree ! I bought several strollers until I was able to find this one. Absolutely great

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