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Are you having trouble deciding which tablet to get for the family? If you are like me, you will do a lot of research to find the best fit for your family. Research no more, I have the answer you’ve been looking for! I would like to recommend the Kindle HD.

The Kindle HD has been a great choice for my family for many reasons. My husband and I are not too technology savvy. Our five year old daughter taught us how to use our iPhones when we got them. I am sure you can relate. Kids are just too smart. That being said, our family needed a tablet that was not too hard to figure out how to use.

We have had the Kindle HD for about six months now and we have nothing but good things to say about it. We decided to get a tablet mainly for our daughter, as she is at the beginning stages of learning to read. We wanted something that she could play, learn and keep in touch with family with.

On the Kindle HD, if you purchase it through Amazon, it has a wonderful program called “Kindle Free-Time”. This allows you to pay a standard $2.99 a month and you get unlimited books, games, applications, movies and much more. You are able to set parental-controls, such as very detailed timers. You can set how long your child can play games, a different timer for their applications, you can set a timer to let them read books as many hours as they would like. My favorite timer lets you limit the time on regular games but leave the learning games at unlimited. All other tablets are not offered Kindle Free-Time. Only the Kindles purchased through Amazon are. In my opinion, it is a great deal, especially since you are not limited on how many books, applications or games you can download.

On your Kindle HD, you can download Netflix. You are then able to watch movies on the go or you are able to plug your Kindle HD into your TV and watch movies as a family on a big screen.

My favorite part of the Kindle HD, other than all of the options for my daughter to learn, is the web cam. We have family all over the United States and having a web cam, we were able to download Skype. We can Skype our family and friends who we do not get to see in person daily. Talking over the phone is a thing of the past. With the web cam you can also take pictures and save them to your Kindle HD. There are applications you can download to edit your photos. When you are done you can email them to family or friends.

All in all, I am very happy with the purchase of our Kindle HD. We have used iPads and also Toshiba tablets, and I feel the best fit for our family, especially our daughter, is the Kindle HD.


  1. This sounds so great!! I’ll have to look into getting one of those!

  2. Welcome to the world of the Jetsons :)

  3. missa nevalaniec says:

    i want one of these so bad

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