Bicycles, They Are Not All Created Equally


Is your child in need of a bicycle? If so, look no further! If you all have not noticed yet… my family and I are outdoors people. Our favorite place to be is outside. It does not take much to make us happy, we could be playing in the backyard, on a boat, swimming, going on nature adventures, going to outdoor athletic games, we would even be happy doing yard work, especially in this perfect weather we have been having lately, but one of our most favorite things to do, as a family, is go bike riding!

Last year our daughter said she wanted to ride a bike, at that moment I felt horrible because she was four years old and had never ridden on a bike of her own, she had always ridden in a baby seat behind myself, my husband or my mom. To make myself feel a little better about the situation, at the time we did not live in the best neighborhood and I guess the thought of going out front of our house, where the sidewalks were located, to ride a bike did not even cross my mind. After she told us she wanted to ride a bike herself, of course we discussed it. We lived minutes from areas where she could safely ride her bike so why not! I did my research and found the perfect beginner bike, The Kent Giggles Girls Bike!

A perfect beginner’s choice, the Kent Giggles GirlsBike. The bike has a solid steel frame that makes it sturdy and durable. The adjustable seat makes it easy for you or even your child to fix it at the height that is most comfortable for her. The bike comes with training wheels attached with the rear wheel, which helps in adding stability to the bike, so that your child does not lose her balance. When your child is ready, the training wheels are removable and transforms this bike into a “big kid” bike. The coaster brakes make for added safety, while the integrated rear fender makes the bike perfect for muddy areas. Our daughter’s favorite part was the streamers on the handles, they add a feminine touch, after a month all of the streams had been ripped out, but that was not the streamers nor the manufactures fault!

Dimensions: 42″L x 22″W x 31″H

You can find this bike at Wal-Mart or Toys-r-Us for under $60.00! It also comes in a boy version! Sorry for the girly-ness!

Don’t forget your helmet! Ride safely, and have fun!

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  1. nothing like riding a bike every day during the summer when you are a kid!

  2. pauletta swanson says:

    that is a really cute bike! my daughter rips the streamers out, too

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