Carpet Care 101

kids-carpetIf you are a mom of young children, you know that it is important to have clean floors. No matter what kind of flooring you have, kids are sure to be laying on it and playing games on it. Carpet is the most comfortable flooring for children to play on.

Carpet is undeniable beautiful, but requires some maintenance to ensure it looks beautiful and lasts for a lifetime. If you’re the owner of a new carpet, it’s important follow the following steps:

  • Vacuuming is extremely important when it comes to caring for your carpet. Dirt and grime can get embedded in your carpet and break down fibers and cause stains. Vacuuming high traffic areas, at least once a week is highly suggested to ensure your carpet’s integrity.
  • Always find out if your specific carpet brand offers a specialized cleaner for your specific carpet. Never blindly use a carpet cleaner, as many can damage the specific fibers in your carpet.
  • If a stain does occur, it’s important to take fast action. Consider seeking out a professional carpet cleaner to help treat and remove any stains your carpet may encounter.
  • If a spill occurs, fast action is very important. Soak up any spills before they have the chance to set. This will help prevent a permanent stain from occurring in your carpet.
  • Shampoo your carpet at least once per year. Vacuuming doesn’t always get rid of all of the dirt trapped in a carpet, so it’s important to deep clean your carpet every so often. A thorough cleaning will breathe fresh life back into your carpet, and help your carpet remain durable for years of enjoyment.
  • Redistribute furniture every so often to give parts of your carpet some rest.
  • Never use hot water on natural fibers. Hot water can cause fading and shrinking.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. we just got new carpet installed, i will follow these to keep it nice :)

  3. Your a saviour! haha :D
    I absolutely hate carpet and my next has does not have it, but I still need to make sure my current house’s carpet is nice for the move out. :)


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