Start a Craft Lesson Group to Learn New Skills

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Ever wish you could learn a crafty skill such as knitting or cross-stitch? Better yet, are you one of those oh-so crafty types who could pass along one of these wonderful skills? If so, you and your friends should turn your craft talents and pastimes into a fun party or even an ongoing club. Much [...]

Our Amazon Spring Shopping Contest starts today!

Today marks the start of our new Amazon Spring Shopping Contest! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get out of the house and enjoy springtime with my family. Here’s how it works: All participants in our Mommy Hot Spot Badge Program are eligible to win. The two Badge Program mommy blogs with [...]

Start an Old-Fashioned Family Game Night

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In these days of high tech entertainment it’s a common sight to look around the living room on “family night” and see each member of the family glued to a different electronic device and no one interacting with each other at all. Why not get back to an old fashioned style family night where you [...]

Throw a Superhero Playdate Party

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Do you know some little boys who want to be Batman, Superman or Spiderman? How about some little girls who wish they were Wonder Woman, or a feisty heroine such as Mulan or Belle? You can let your kids celebrate their inner superhero by hosting a superhero playdate party. Ask some fellow moms to donate [...]

December Contest Winner

inklings of life

Our December contest ended on New Year’s Day, and our winner is Morgan from The Inklings of Life. Morgan’s mommy blog is an entertaining and creative look on life. She ponders the act of balancing her artistic abilities with mommy stuff. This past year, her whole family moved, Morgan got reacquainted with tattooing, and she [...]

Host a Family-Friendly New Year’s Party


If you’ve forgone the notion of paying a ton for a babysitter and getting dressed up to fight the crowds this New Year’s Eve it doesn’t mean it can’t still be an occasion for a party. Sure, maybe your priorities have shifted a bit, and the night you used to spend whooping it up in [...]

Host a Casual Christmas Eve Open House


Before you have the whole family over for the major party on Christmas Day, why not get the ball rolling with a small, casual open house on Christmas Eve? In the late afternoon or early evening of Christmas Eve let a few neighbors or close friends know to drop by. Open the bar and set [...]

Host a Christmas Caroling Party

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The holiday season flies by so quickly and amid all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, traveling and gift giving it is sometimes difficult to find some time to celebrate the meaning of the holidays in a simple and traditional way. Before the season passes you by, get your friends and family together for a traditional night [...]

Avoid the Mall With an At-Home Santa Party


Taking an annual trip to a shopping mall or department store so your kids can sit on Santa’s lap is a tradition with many families. But sometimes that fun can be dampened quite a bit by standing in super long lines with impatient kids and little ones who lose their courage and get too scared [...]

Make New Memories With a Holiday Movie Party

Christmas movies

The holidays make us all nostalgic and from decorations to food, we just love to surround ourselves with the items that remind us of the holidays of our youth. If you’ve got little ones who are just now becoming attentive enough to enjoy TV shows and movies, this Christmas season is the perfect time to introduce [...]

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