Host a Halloween Costume Swap


The fall seems to hit sooner and fly faster each and every year, doesn’t it? School JUST started and suddenly Halloween is just three weeks away?! That does not even seem possible, and if you’re anything like me you need some help getting a handle on things and getting organized for this holiday. Time to […]

Throwing Kid Friendly Adult Parties

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We all know that once we have families nothing is ever “simple” again, including a laid-back barbecue or get together with friends or neighbors. After kids parties are usually broken down into one of two categories – family parties, which for the parents are usually more about chasing around after the kiddos than it is […]

Jumping On the Veggie Burger Train


Ever since I can remember I have LOVED a great cheeseburger, and if the place is right, a side of french fries and coleslaw. There is just something so satisfying about the juicy lusciousness of a thick beef burger. Lately, though, since working on a lifestyle makeover, I have had a hard time bringing myself […]

Get The Whole Family Involved


Putting together a scavenger hunt would be a great idea to keep everyone entertained for a while. Not only the kids, but also the adults too. If you include items that they are sure to be able to find, although they may have to look hard, it makes them a lot of fun and entertaining […]

Fun and Educational Family Day


You may be racking your brain for fun and educational ideas to do with the kids over the summer! My daughter, my father and I visited Gatorland in Orlando, Fl today. I highly recommend visiting if you are in Orlando on vacation, or if you live here like we do and are just looking for fun […]

Not Just Your Average Pork-Chop


Oh pork, how I love thee (if it is fully cooked.) Growing up we had pork for dinner several times a week. My mom served it in all sorts of ways. Braised, boiled, roasted, pan fried, and many more. Regardless of how my mom prepared it, it was always delicious. These days as I prepare […]

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