Is Your Child Scared of Halloween?

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Halloween is a very exciting time for kids, between dressing up and acting goofy and receiving bags full of candy for simply wandering around the neighborhood, there is pretty much no better holiday out there for a kid. But, there is another side to Halloween that some parents need to think about. All of the […]

Monitor Your Kids’ Video Posts

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You hear parents stating all the time that their kids are often far better than they are at using tech devices. And while this is usually said with a mix of equal parts pride and trepidation, the truth is we need to work hard today to stay as technologically savvy as our little ones so […]

An Onion A Day, Will Keep The Doctor Away


Did you know that onions are very important for health? I did not, until recently. I have been finding myself including onions in almost all of our daily meals, in some way or another. I was curious if doing so was beneficial to our health in any way. Thanks to good ole’ Google, I did […]

Firework Safety Tips


The Fourth of July brings so much joy to so many people.  It is a reminder of our freedom, a time to bar-b-que, relax, and watch colorful spectaculars unfold in the night skies with our loved ones.  It is also a day that brings many, many firework related injuries; some being fatal. On average, each […]

Parenting Made Easy


 Lord knows parenting isn’t easy, especially with multiples. If you’re like me, you feel like you’re losing your mind 87.6% of the time and the other 12.4% you’re trying to sleep. Well, here are a few ideas to make your life, and parenting, just a little easier. Every child wants unlimited access to Mommy and […]

The Controversial Family Bed


As I have mentioned before, I have three beautiful children with ages ranging from 7 years to 9 months old. I must admit I have been a huge advocate for co sleeping and family beds from the day my oldest was born. However, prior to my little angel coming home, I was completely against it. […]

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