Happy World Hug Day!

World Hug Day

Today is World Hug Day! Take some time today to show your loved ones that you care with a big, warm hug. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to slow down and appreciate our friends and families. World Hug Day was created in  1986 by Rev Kevin Zaborney in Caro, Michigan. Today, World [...]

Stay Consistent in Your Discipline

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When it comes to getting your kids to do what you want you may feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle and the inmates are running the asylum. Parents all the time say things like “Why do I bother, they never listen and just do what they want.” Many experts will tell you that [...]

Less Can Be More With Kids Activities

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It’s important for your kids to get involved in extracurricular activities to help them become well rounded socially and to hopefully learn new skills and explore talents in which they excel. Be careful, though, not to let your children bite off more than they can chew when it comes to joining clubs, playing sports and [...]

January Mommy Blogger of the Month

No Holding Back Blog

Our Mommy Blogger of the Month is Alexa, who writes No Holding Back! No Holding Back is a great blog where Alexa contemplates life after the loss of a twin daughter. She raises awareness for the little-known Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and blogs about the general highs and lows of parenthood. Personal Family Life Raising [...]

Help Your Kids Have a Healthy Body Image

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As a good parent, you naturally worry about your kids staying healthy and you take steps to make sure they stay that way. But, while you’re taking steps to make sure they stay healthy from illness, take those same steps to make sure they feel healthy in their bodies as well. There is no denying [...]

Help Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! Have you been making a list of the things you resolve to accomplish in 2013? Perhaps you’re going to get more organized or try to become more active and healthy. Well, remember, while you’re making your resolutions for the year ahead you should encourage your kids to do the same.   New [...]

Make a Year-End Photo Collage

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Chances are you took a whole bunch of pictures during Christmas. When you finally get some time to sit down and load them onto your computer off of your phone or camera, why not turn it into a fun project with the kids and make a year-end photo collage? Gather the kids around the computer [...]

Keeping the Post-Christmas Peace

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Now that the joy (and chaos) of planning Christmas and opening all those gifts is over, now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday week. You’ll even get some quiet time to yourself while your kids are engrossed in all their Christmas gifts. That is, until the fighting over the new [...]

Give to the Needy This Christmas

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While you’re finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping this week, remember that it’s the perfect time to pick up a few extra gifts for some people who are less fortunate and who may not be getting anything this Christmas. This is both a fulfilling activity and an important lesson for you to share with [...]

Invest in Your Child’s Future This Christmas

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I’m not going to be one of those Grinches who says that all Christmas gifts for kids should be practical and not frivolous. Christmas is a time to be able to make your kids’ dreams come true and make sure they get the things their hearts desire. But, along with all the toys and games [...]

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