Smart Trike Grows From Stroller to Tricycle


As your baby grows into an active toddler the people at Smart Trike want to make sure that he or she has an adorable device that is half stroller, half tricycle, and 100 percent a genius mode of transportation that will grow with your child. The Smart Trike 4-in-1 Tricycle and Ride-On Stroller is one [...]

Make Sure Breast Milk Is Free of Alcohol

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After waiting nine long months through a painful pregnancy a lot of new mothers want two things: to hold their sweet little baby in their arms, of course, and to have a COCKTAIL. Okay, so maybe the desire for a post-baby drink doesn’t come on that fast, but a lot of new moms sure do look forward [...]

Temporal Thermometer Takes Temps With Ease


This cold and flu season is turning out to be quite a bad one and illness is tearing through schools at an alarming rate. Prepared moms need to have the most up-to-date and convenient gadgets in order to help their little ones when they’re sick. Anything at all that can help ease your child’s pain [...]

VTech Makes Baby’s First Handheld Computer

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Our little ones always want their toys to emulate the things they see mommy and daddy using, right? Years ago little boys used to want a car or tools like daddy’s and little girls wanted kitchen sets or toy vacuums like mommy used. Well, the desire to be like mom and dad is still there [...]

Shopping Cart Cover Keeps Baby Comfy and Clean

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Any mommy will tell you that taking your little one along to the grocery store is a necessity. But that means lugging the heavy infant carrier into the store and balancing it on the front of the cart, or worse yet, placing your older child directly in the front seat of the cart. Instead of [...]

Hot Cocoa Kit Warms up the Holidays

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Whether you’re expecting a house full of family and friends over the holidays or you’re just looking forward to some quiet time celebrating with your own little brood, you’ll need to be armed with the perfect supplies to make merry. When the kids come in from playing outside in the snow and you all settle [...]

Encourage Good Behavior With Elf on the Shelf


It’s that wonderful time of year when parents everywhere get some extra parenting help from Santa and his elves who are watching over everything and making that all-important list of kids who are naughty and nice. This information goes a long way toward making your little angels be on their best behavior in the hopes [...]

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent


I’ve used the anti-allergen spray in my home for a while and it works great.  But with my daughter being as sensitive as she is to allergens I still worry about what my family and I are bringing home on our clothes. So I was so excited when I started using Ecology Works anti-allergen laundry [...]

This Cool Car Seat Cover Keeps Baby Warm


Of course you bundle up your baby before taking him or her out into the bitter cold of winter. But most experts recommend not putting too many bulky clothes on your baby because it makes their car seat straps not fit over them properly, which means the car seat isn’t properly fastened. Instead, child care [...]

Not Your Mother’s Cookie Cutters

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If you want to be the Queen of Christmas cookies this year you may want to consider creating some delicious treats in unique shapes that everyone in the family will love. Williams-Sonoma seems to have the perfect little gadgets for every occasion and Christmas cookies are no exception. In addition to an adorable collection of [...]

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