Conquering Your Pregnancy Weight Gain

photo 3(1)If becoming pregnant and carrying a baby was not a hard enough toll on our bodies the amount of weight gain some women have to deal with afterwards is nothing short of torture. Weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable but for many a few pounds can turn into stones making you not always feel entirely comfortable in your own skin. Once you have given birth all priorities are on our new born children as they rightly should be but sometimes we have to take time for ourselves. When you feel in a good place to tackle weight gain follow these five tips to not just overhaul your shape but also your mind and lifestyle.

1) Patience is key before even contemplating weight loss, don’t set yourself for failure. Be sensible on the amount you would like to lose. Set goals low rather than sky high, this way if you lose more than your lowered target you can feel a sense of achievement rather than disappointment.

2) Complete a food diary of your usual weekly food intake, doing this will really pinpoint where it is you could be going wrong. Is it the type of foods? The time you’re eating? Or too many snacks?

3) Figure out how much time you could give for exercise per week. Everyone has some space to workout it is more of a lack of willingness clouding our judgement. Doing exercise doesn’t mean signing up to some posh gym, try walking, running, dancing in your living room or just mental playtime with the little one. Why buy weights when you have a great loveable bundle of joy to throw around!

4) Cut down on carbohydrates slowly, this is the main tip I can not stress enough. Unfortunately for us carbohydrates are tasty but unhealthy, most people actually have adverse effects to them. Bloating, constipation, water tension and heavy fat collection are just some of the side effects from our lunch time sandwich. All of these effects make us sluggish and tired, they also bump our weight up on the scales from the bloatedness that carbs cause. Swapping to danish breads, wheat pasta’s and sweet potatoes are all easy ways to cut down naturally but still enjoy the foods we love.

5) It is so easy as a parent to glug down coffee and tea to keep us awake after a difficult nights sleep but in fact all these caffeine drinks do is give us a false perception of alertness. Swap the coffee for water and fatty snacks for fruit. Water and fruit naturally flush out bad toxins from our systems creating a much happier environment inside our bodies.

These are just five simple ways to make small adjustments to your lifestyle, hopefully creating a happier brighter you. The best thing you can do is to accept who you are now and how having a child has changed your body and shape, then slowly make changes to guide you on the route you wish to pursue. Please remember no matter how you think you look that beauty in fact comes from within…..

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  1. Cherri R says:

    There was a post on here the other day that advised eating cucumbers in the middle of the day for a quick energy burst-I’m finding that it works better than an afternoon coffee

  2. It can be so hard to shed those last few pounds!

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