Content Submission Guidelines  (new page on all these sites)

  • 300-600 words in length
  • Relevant image included  (remove one you took yourself from MommyHotSpot)

We are committed to delivering only the best and most interesting news to our communities of readers.  Editorial discretion pertains to the decision to publish as well as layout, title, graphics, spelling and grammar. Before submitting your articles, please consider our guidelines below.

All original content will be featured and distributed to our entire social media network of almost 100,000 friends, fans and followers. We would like all posts to be tagged accordingly, written in 12 point font and include at least 1 image no greater than 300 X 300 pixels. All posts should also include a 2 sentence author bio at the bottom.

Our goal is to increase the availability of information, offer different views, encourage healthy debate, and make possible new connections between people.  We want to to help our bloggers get published and help major media sites find you and your content that will best fit their editorial needs. Our editorial team is dedicated to finding, promoting, and maintaining a selection of high-quality content based on the needs and wants of our blog community. 

What we look for in our Contributing Authors:

  • Content that complements our existing website content
  • Unique perspectives that add a distinctive voice to feature content
  • Expert opinions
  • Smart Commentary
  • Ethical and fair writing
  • Vibrant, timely/current content

What we always avoid:

  • Profanity
  • Content that is excessively promotional/self-promotional
  • Spam
  • Pornography
  • Offensive content
  • Excessive spelling/grammar errors/ALL CAPS
  • Copyright infringement (Make sure you have the right to share the words and images you post). .

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