Cooking with California Pizza Kitchen!

cpk foodThis week I received an invite from my good friends at Sacramento Bloggers to attend the California Pizza kitchen Next Chapter Event @ Newly renovated – Arden Mall Location in Sunny CA
Take a look at all of the food options I got to taste :
-Bianco- flat-bread with whipped truffle cream , gorgonzola , mozzarella and fresh sage
-Sunny side up bacon + potato pizza shaved fingerling potatoes , Nueske apple wood smoked bacon, caramelized leeks , Parmesan, mozzarella and fresh cracked black pepper. Topped with two sunny side up eggs.
-Roasted chicken + seasonal vegetables chicken breast in lemon -garlic sauce with hearth roasted fingerling potatoes, carrots , cauliflower and Mediterranean herbs.
-Fire grilled rib eye
-Hearth -roasted Halibut
-S ‘mores
-Salted Caramel Pudding (photo provided by : felix facebook #cpkthenextchapter)

Fresh strawberry Mango Cooler for mom’s who want to look cool while they drink
( non -alcoholic beverage) As an nursing mother – This drink had plenty of fruits- I LOVED IT!
How many times have you been to a restaurant and want the fruity drink and they all have alcohol?
Well let me tell you MOM-
You now have a fruity drink even your non – nursing MFF  ( mom friend forever )
will order.
This thingabob is what  CPK uses to put whipped cream on pizza.
cpk thingie


chief show me whipped thingie


cpk fun




Not only did CPK  California Pizza Kitchen allow me to eat their food, they let me in the kitchen for a full experience. When I tell you that I had a good time  with CPK. I had a wonderful -good time!
Cooking beside a chef in a restaurant kitchen a processed dinner making mom’s dream. Hey CPK send me one of those whipped cream thingies will ya ! The power of that thingie almost blew me away. Can you imagine having the whipped cream thingie at your disposal to whip cream burger, tuna , tortilla chips , spaghetti . OKAY ,OKAY maybe that’s a little extreme.But, who ever thought up the idea to put whipped cream on a pizza.
In the End you have to visit Ca Pizza Kitchen in your area to taste for yourself.
Try the new Menu  and experience the  next chapter! Go ahead then come back to my page and let me share your thought’s and pictures. I would love to see ‘em. Take the kids or sneak out and  have one of those strawberry mango cooler  before you go Target or Safeway shopping. Go Ahead !
It will be our little secret! Note:  No pizza’s made by Jessica  actually made it to the oven- If they
had the pizza would have BURNED to a crisp. I BURN EVERYTHING I try to
cpk toss
OH ! and one more cool thing about Cpk they let your kids get in on the pizza  making too!
Playing with the dough !
( The Kids menu is awesome too – My kids give the chicken tenders two thumbs up !)
cpk kids  cpk kids 2

Jessica is a silly mom of 6 who lives in California. When she isn’t blogging, you can catch her hiding in the closet eating chocolate and drinking milk. Read all about her adventures at Mom in Me.

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  1. this is so cool! i wonder if they have this everywhere or just california?

  2. What a great opportunity, love the pics!

  3. you are so animated! what a fun time you must have been having.

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