Create a Large Scale Canvas for Your Creative Kids

They created that wipe clean paint for a reason, and that was so that
if your kids draw on the walls you can wipe it off. Hang on a minute
though, that gives me an idea. Why not paint your kid’s room with this
special paint and tell them they can draw as much as they like on
those walls. If a kid’s going to do it then give them somewhere that
they can and then you can have the rest of the house decorated as you
So here’s a little DIY project for you – paint your child’s whole
bedroom with a good quality wipe clean paint and turn it into a giant
whiteboard. You merely follow the instructions that come on the can,
let it dry and then the kids can go nuts. Give them markers or
whatever you want and they can express themselves in their own space.
If they get bored with what they drew clean it off for them or teach
them how to do it themselves. Not only are you nurturing their
creative side but you are keeping them from drawing on the living room
walls so you can have wallpaper or paneling instead of dull wipe clean


  1. Kareena K says:

    Interesting Stuff

  2. Really enjoyed reading this

  3. Molly H says:

    Definitely agree

  4. Linda M says:

    Well Written

  5. Sadie H says:

    Good one

  6. Hansika J says:

    Love to hear more

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    Very articulate

  8. Parnell T says:

    I agree with most of this

  9. Very knowledgeable

  10. Spot on

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    Totally makes sense

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