Crying Baby on Board!

crying-babyThe other day my 4mos old daughter begin to cry on the way home from the grocery store. Let me give you a little back round information about my daughter. She hates no –  despises her car seat. So much so that I don’t call it her car seat. I call it her arch enemy. She has the mirror , she has the toys  she does not care she wants OUT. While driving home sitting at a red light (the people in the next car over shook their heads at me) as my daughter wails so loud you can hear her with the window up. I thought to myself – Hmm !   Someone needs to invent a BABY CRYING SIREN

It would be genius! The baby crying siren would alert other cars to move out of the way there’s a crying baby in the car behind  you. It could be purple , green, pink for girls, blue for boys. Oh! Maybe there could be a cheetah colored one. Instead of the Wee ooh, wee ooh, wee sound. There could be a sound of a baby crying whaaaa whaawhaaa. All moms with this siren would receive special police horn announcement and police assistance.  I can hear the police now over the blow horn “move outta the way mom with crying baby on board. Bleep” .

Only in a perfect world I guess. Any mother that has had a screaming baby in the car with her while she is driving knows what I am talking about. You feel so helpless and guilty. We must keep our children in car seats for safety. No if, ands, or buts about that. Until this siren has been invented I guess I will have to keep pulling over  jumping out of the car getting the baby out nurse for 10 minutes gently put her back into the seat. Drive for 5 minutes. Pull back over get her out the seat feed her , gently put her back into the seat and drive. Until I get home, until then a trip to the store will take me 4 hours.

I will be writing to my local congressmen to get this on the ballot. MOMS Need sirens too!

Jessica is a silly mom of 6 who lives in California. When she isn’t blogging, you can catch her hiding in the closet eating chocolate and drinking milk. Read all about her adventures at What It Means 2Be Mom-ME———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. crying baby siren, love it!!

  2. Oh how cute and angry that baby is!

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