DIY Tips for a College Dorm Room

downloadIf you’ve ever walked into a bare, undecorated dorm room, the first impression you’re struck with might be “prison cell.” From their shiny, hard tile floors to their white cinder block walls, dorm rooms don’t exactly scream “home.” But, the upside to the sparseness is that it simply means you have a blank canvas upon which you can do all kinds of cool things to make your child’s dorm room comfy and cozy. If you’re going to be dropping your child off at their college dorm for the first time come up with a few simply DIY décor items that will make them love their room.


First, dorm rooms need color, color, color. Have your child pick a color palate they love and buy a rug, some pillows, bedding, and other accent pieces in those bright and cheery coordinating colors. In fact, if your child is fortunate enough to be rooming with a friend or knows her roommate, they might be able to agree together on a color scheme. In that case, purchase some carpet squares, which go down easily and will give the room so much more warmth and a colorful foundation. For some added space, elevate your child’s bed onto risers, which will provide storage space below. Then get an extra-long bed skirt to hide the stored stuff, keeping the room looking tidy. Don’t forget about those super convenient plastic hooks that stick to the wall. They are a great way to hang jackets, hats, scarves and necklaces to keep them off the floor.  You can even hang hooks on either side of a window with blinds and drape colorful fabric across the two hooks and hanging down on the sides, framing the boring window with a pop of color.


  1. By then, the kid should be able to take care of their own room

  2. I agree with Careena

  3. idk ladies, i would do this for my daughter!

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