What Do You Do When You Don’t Like Their Friend?

friend-bad-influenceAs a mom one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with has been when my children have a new friend who absolutely drives me crazy!  This has happened for a variety of different reasons.  My daughter once was friends with our next door neighbor’s little girl who would show up at our house all hours of the day and night, and generally drove the entire family nuts.  She would convince my daughter to do things that she knew they weren’t supposed to do, she was sneaky, and she frankly enjoyed pulling these little stunts and then watching my daughter get in trouble.

It took my daughter a while to realize what was happening and end the friendship.  It was a long few months for me as the mom while I tried to let my daughter see for herself what was happening but also protect her from getting hurt.

Currently my son has befriended a neighborhood boy who is actually about three years younger than my son, but has been treated as though he’s much older by his parents for a long time.  My son is 10, this boy is 7.  He told my son that his favorite movie is the one with the Chuckie doll in it.  Even though he is the younger of the two of them, he is definitely a bit of a bully and somehow has a knack for convincing my son to follow his poor choices.

We’ve tried talking to the parents, much like our old neighbors they’re fine as long as their kid is out of their hair which means he plays outside unsupervised far too much.  As long as he doesn’t come back bleeding or crying they don’t much care what happens.  I’m not trying to say that they are not good parents, I do not judge other parents at all, I know that we all have different styles and different ways of parenting and that works out great since we all have different types of kids!

My question is, how do you handle it when you just do not like the kid your child has decided to be friends with?  Do you forbid them to play together?  Do you just try to limit the amount of time they spend together? Or do you take extreme measures?

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  1. It seems like that friend is always a neighborhood kid, too! It can’t be the one they see once a month that lives on the other side of town, it has to be their bestie that lives two houses down!

  2. Lizzy Johnsen says:

    Sometimes your child ends up making a real impression on the other child, so you never know. It is tough to deal with the behavior at the time, though.

  3. I think sometimes the best thing is to monitor the relationship and step in when you see some out of line behavior. I feel like my son will be better off if he understands how to deal with many different kinds of people.

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