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see-speak-hear-no-evilAs we look around today families are falling apart right and left. Adults are so busy thinking about themselves and their relationships that the children sometimes get ignored. The kids act out and seek out others who are in the same situation to bond with. The world turns on the health of the family and no matter what else happens in the world if the families can stay healthy it makes the world a much better place in the end. Families really do matter.

 Television and the media seem to have us all believing that it does not matter what kind of family you have. The idea that children can thrive in any situation and that they are so resilient that changes can happen again and again in families and the kids will remain healthy and strong. We would all like to think this when our families are going through changes but it is not always so. It used to be parents thought about how their decisions affected their children and acted accordingly but so many times today they do not even give the kids a second thought as they make life altering decisions.

So many adults that are having children today have never actually grown up themselves and are still struggling with emotional problems and poor decision making skills. They can barely make a decision for themselves let alone take the child into account. These parents are not always selfish and unloving towards their children but they are totally unequipped to be able to be the leader of a healthy family.

So much is going on in the world today that it seems overwhelming to think that anything could actually change for the better. Everyone is blaming something for the downfall of our society, whether it is government, crime, drugs, alcohol, etc. In my opinion the core of the problems we are facing in society today is the breakdown of the family. When our families, at least the majority of them, are strong and solid without the fear of being torn apart by the circumstances of our world then we would see change. When families are united it spans age difference between parents, teens, and children. We stand up for each other and reach out to help other families who may be struggling. And when the families get strong we have the root system down deep to hold up the tree of the world.

Our leaders and governments have no power that we do not hand over to them. Our government has gained so much power in our lives because we have lost the ability to keep our families strong and make decisions for the well being of ourselves and our children. I am hopeful that when the population as a whole recognizes that the weakness of the family is what is causing our world to crumble around us that they will rise up and work diligently to bring the strength of the family back. When we realize that our lives thrive as we find our places in a family unit, belonging to each other and accountable to each other each and every day then the world will again be rooted in love and right thinking. We must get our families back and hold tight.


Always curious, Ashley Hardway is constantly learning and passionate about sharing what she learns with others. Based in the Houston, Texas office of Morningside Nannies, she loves to help families grow stronger, help their environments and communities, and keep moving forward! Check out @NannyLady on Twitter to connect and find out more.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. jerry lynn says:

    i agree, it is very important to have a great family structure as a base

  2. As a teacher I see this. I am fortunate that I come from a family with strong deep roots and I feel that my husband and I, as well as the friends we surround ourselves with, still see the value and importance of strong family roots. But there are too many parents out there that just as you said are struggling to be accountable for themselves, much more support a healthy family unit.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

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