Finding the Humour in Parenting


Why is Humour in Parenting not Taken Seriously? Laughter is a great tool for getting us through the difficult times but we are rarely advised to find the humour in parenting. When we become mothers we are supposed to suddenly morph into a generic nurturing stereotype who always takes the job of raising children very seriously and worries constantly about getting it wrong.

When you look at how mothers are portrayed in the media you would think that the only laughter we’re allowed is the fun of a family day out at some attraction that has just cost us a second mortgage, or (at this time of year) the gaily expressed pride at seeing our whole family settled down to the perfect Christmas dinner we have prepared using products we have shopped for at a particular store.

Where is the helpless belly-laugh of failure though? The burned turkey, the day that goes disastrously wrong, the extent to which you have once again failed to live up to society’s image of the ideal mother? Now that IS funny.

If we can find the humour in parenting when we get it hopelessly wrong, then we’re more able to shrug it off and move on. So many situations with our kids are comedy gold, rich seams of hilarity and side-splitting mirth at our own incompetence. And it’s never really failure anyway, it’s just being gloriously imperfectly human.

If we really must get serious, laughing at our own mistakes teaches our kids how to deal with their own setbacks far more effectively than trying to protect them from failure or our anxious advice when they get it wrong.

And the myth of the perfect parent really is very funny isn’t it?

Stephanie Davies-Arai devised Communicating with Kids, a communication skills course for parents. She has four children of her own aged 14 – 22.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Rebecca1989 says:

    This is just great!!

  2. some of the funniest memories happen by accident

  3. One of the first times we went to the beach together, my stepdaughter and I swam for too long to have our stuff so close to the water. We came back, and everything was wet and very close to being completely swept away-clothes, toys, the big blanket. I laughed and laughed and my stepdaughter got mad-“What’s so funny? What are we going to do now?” she asked. I shrugged “Put the wet stuff in the car and go back in the water?” I think it changed her whole perspective on a lot of things that day.

  4. What a brilliant story Amy. Love it!! Kids learn the best life lessons from how we behave. You sound like a great step mum :)

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