Firework and Sparkler Safety

downloadYou want to have the best time possible celebrating the Fourth of July and that may well include a barbecue for the whole family that turns into a big backyard party that night. But we want to remind you while you’re commemorating our nation’s freedom with those closest to you to make sure the kids and the whole family are extra careful around fireworks and sparklers that may be at the party.


Make sure you only purchase and use legal fireworks, which are marked with a label containing the name of the manufacturer and directions for use. Read the instructions carefully, preferably before the party starts so you’re not reading them in the dark. Never let anyone who has been drinking be in charge of lighting the fireworks. Keep the children and everyone else back a safe distance from the fireworks and have a bucket with water nearby just in case. Light the fireworks on a smooth surface such as a patio and never relight a firework that doesn’t go off. When allowing the kids to handle sparklers make sure the kids are supervised and have them dispose of the sparkler sticks in a bucket of water when they burn out. Small children don’t understand that the metal stick will be blazing hot once the sparkler goes out. Be extra careful with these items and make sure everyone is safe this Independence Day.


  1. Maureen Pilasi says:

    Very true! Firework safety is very understated these days, I think.

  2. janet reems says:

    yesssss, another 4th of july under the belt and everyone still has all their eyes! LOL

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