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You may be racking your brain for fun and educational ideas to do with the kids over the summer! My daughter, my father and I visited Gatorland in Orlando, Fl today. I highly recommend visiting if you are in Orlando on vacation, or if you live here like we do and are just looking for fun and educational family day.

As you walk into Gatorland, it is kind-of like love at first sight. You enter into a giant 10-acre beautiful lagoon located at the heart of Gatorland and the mating headquarters. As of today there are 100 females and 30 males in total within the 10-acre span. All floating around under the hot, extremely hot, Florida sun, none of the gators are smaller than seven feet long and many are a great deal longer. Standing between you and the large, very large gators… a small fence. No worries, they assured us they worry more about the humans jumping the fence rather than the gators.


Throughout the day, we encountered a combination of interactive presentations, such as handlers who dangle whole chickens to get the alligators to jump for their food in the Gator Jumparoo Show, my daughters favorite show of the day. She thought it was hilarious watching the “big, fat, gators jump to get their food”. The Gator Wrestling Show was pretty cool to watch, as well as educational. A huge crowd was gathered around as daredevil handlers got into the ring with the alligators. As we meandered our way through the park, we went past many animal viewing areas, including five ultra-rare albino alligators, crocodiles, snakes, a pair of Florida panthers, a few tortoises and parrots in addition to the expected gators.


All Aboard the chugging Gatorland Express tour, we rode the tracks around Gatorland’s perimeter, as the train conductor related to the history of the 110-acre wildlife preserve. Back on the ground, we found plenty of opportunities to break for eating, they have a wide variety of good eatin’, gator is even on the menu, even better than gator, they have Dipin Dots ice cream, MY favorite! You can grab one of their delicious lattes, get an energy boost, while letting the kids romp around the playground/splash park while you kick back and take a breather. While taking a breather we saw guests ride on the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line-its launch towers reaching more than seven stories high and soaring over 1,200 feet of park.

Gatorland manages to deliver information and education dosed with plenty of humor to keep things light while never letting visitors lose sight of the fact that its main attractions are also Florida’s most profuse natural predators. One thing we knew for certain as we left Gatorland, you can feed a gator lunch but you should never get close enough to become that lunch…unless you are in a controlled environment accompanied by a trained professional with a big stick, and the alligators mouth is tapped shut.


Until August 5th Gatorland is running a special- If you are a Florida resident you can visit Gatorland for $10 a person, including children. Non-Florida residents, admission to the park is $28, children(3-12)- $19, children under three years old are FREE.

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  1. Jessica B says:

    Oooh, my boys would love to hold a gator! Next time we’re in FL we’ll have to check this out

  2. I always see Gatorland and I’ve never stopped in, that looks awesome!

  3. nicholetta harper says:

    how cool is that?

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