Getting Your Young Child to Stay in Their Own Bed

It will happen to every parent at some point – your young child will appear at the foot of your bed having had a nightmare and wanting to sleep with you. You’re tired and you really can’t be bothered to try and go and settle them back in their bed so you relent and let them crawl in with you. So there you go, you just set a precedent that will see them coming into your room more and more, disturbing your sleep and theirs.
Well, here’s the thing, you have to break this nightly cycle for your own sake and your child’s. It’s not cruel to make your child sleep in their own bed as long as you make the effort to do what you can to sooth their fears. One of the first steps is to make sure your child understands that there is a bed for mommy and daddy and one for them. Instill this concept during the day. Establish a bedtime routine that incorporates checks for the things that scare your child. If they think there are monsters then tour around with your child and show them there is nothing to be scared of.
Stand firm on the no sleeping with mommy and daddy rule. It may be rough for a few nights, but if your child tries to get into bed with you take them back to their room and never give in to a tantrum. Find a compromise, leave bedroom doors open so that your child can maybe see into your room or at least hear you. You can gradually start closing doors as they become more comfortable in their own beds.


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