Goldieblox and the Parade Float

GoldieBlox_ParadeFloat_HiRes(1)IMG_3576(1)I loved the concept of a toy inspiring girls to create, imagine, and engage so much that I researched and wrote about it even before I’d tried it.  So when Goldieblox and the Parade Float arrived at our doorstep, my kids tore into it as if it were something they’d been waiting for all their lives.  Maybe I’d built it up too much, but what I can tell you today, some five months later, is that aside from the random piece I occasionally find in the car, under the couch or in my daughter’s sparkly purple purse, we have very little of the game left.

Goldieblox is a construction set launched by a Stanford University engineering gradwho was passionate about making engineering cool and relevant to girls.   The box says that kids as young as 4 can enjoy it and maybe that’s where I went wrong.  My daughter is 3 and although she loves building with legos, she had trouble with the concept and the small pieces.  My five year old son, who has built car models, found the pieces fit but didn’t easily stay together and subsequently gave up quickly.   While the story was cute, both kids who love to read weren’t all that engaged and none of us found it to be an integral part of the building process.

I am still enchanted with the concept and the fact that the company says it will send you replacement pieces if you happen to lose some.  Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll send a whole new set, which is probably what we need.

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  1. It sounds like fun! My daughter is seven, so maybe this would be good for her.

  2. harriet wild says:

    darn, it seems like a cool concept

  3. Great share, I cut and pasted the info on my twitter. Wish these pages had a share button!!

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