Grow a Lima Bean Plant in a CD Case

downloadIt’s always fun to spend an afternoon doing a fun project with the kids, but when you’re able to have some fun and watch your kids learn something (and perhaps learn something yourself), now that’s an afternoon well spent. Science experiments can be among the most fun DIY projects you can do at home, and there are plenty of experiments you can do without being an expert in Chemistry or Biology. As we move through spring and into summer and nature blooms all around us, you can bring some nature inside and help your child grow a lima bean from a tiny seed into a green and thriving plant.


All you need for this fun experiment is an old empty CD case, some dirt and water, a lima bean and some masking tape. First you’ll need to soak your lima bean for a day ahead of time. Then, when you’re ready to start, open up the CD case and pop out the plastic insert, leaving just the plastic case and creating a space in the side when it is closed. Lay the opened case flat and add a bit of dirt to the case, placing the bean in the dirt. Make sure to only use a small amount of dirt so you can still close the case. Once it’s closed, tape the sides and bottom of the case. Add a few drops of water to the dirt through the opening in the side of the case and place the case in a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight. You and your child can water the bean every day and wonder as it grows into a green plant quickly. Best of all, through the clear case you can watch the entire growth process.

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  1. that’s pretty neat!

  2. i love projects like this! i wonder if you would have to take it out eventually, though?

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