Halloween Candy Swap

Who says the parties have to end on Halloween? After all of the school and church parties have taken place and your little ones are tuckered out from trick-or-treating until their feet ache, there’s always room for ONE more get together with family and friends. Meet up for a fun evening of food and movies and swap all the candy that your kids don’t want.

Get together with your family or neighbors and bring along each kid’s candy in their own marked bag so candy doesn’t get confused, resulting in a meltdown. Throw on a big pot of chili or have the adults each bring a simple dish to pass. Throw on a family-friendly Halloween movie and get down to candy swapping. Many parents end up throwing away a lot of their children’s candy because of things like nut allergies. Instead of throwing it out and making your allergic child miss out on candy, trade it with a friend who loves peanut butter and is willing to part with something without nuts.

A candy swap is a fun way to make the Halloween mood last a couple more days and your kids will end up feeling like they went trick-or-treating twice when they end up with new candy that they love.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Love to hear more

  2. One of the greatest ideas ever. No more throwing away candy the little ones hate when they can just trade it for something better from a friend’s candy stash.

  3. Wish my parents did this when I was younger. I got some gross candy that I had to throw away

  4. I agree with Tiffany! That’s why I always do this with my kids now :)

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