Host a Halloween Costume Swap

imagesThe fall seems to hit sooner and fly faster each and every year, doesn’t it? School JUST started and suddenly Halloween is just three weeks away?! That does not even seem possible, and if you’re anything like me you need some help getting a handle on things and getting organized for this holiday. Time to call in the cavalry in the form of your other mom friends. There is definitely strength in numbers and a village of moms can get a group of kids ready for some big Halloween fun a whole lot faster than each of us can working on our own. Take, for example, the dreaded costumes for the kids. This is by far the most daunting task when getting ready for Halloween, but working as a group can make it a lot easier.


Why not host a Halloween costume swap at your house? Gather all of your mom friends together and tell them to bring along all of their old Halloween costumes and props that their kids aren’t using anymore. You’ll be amazed at the vast amount of costume pieces you all have stored away that you don’t even think about anymore. And among all that you very well might be able to find a fantastic and FREE costume for your child to wear this year. Many of these costumes are worn once and then our kids outgrow them. Pass them along to a friend so their child can wear it this year. Swap away while you enjoy some delicious cider and pumpkin donuts. Now that’s what I call a good way to spend a fall afternoon!

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