Host a Halloween Costume Swap

Before you spend a ton of money on a costume your child will wear one time for Halloween, or worse yet, before you slave over a sewing machine for weeks, trying to fake your way through making a Ninja Turtle costume, why not host a costume swap party for you and your neighbors and friends?


A costume swap is so much fun and SUCH a great idea. Area families get together at someone’s house or in a large room at the library or local school. They all bring along Halloween costumes and props worn by their kids in years past. All of the parents and kids can look through the costumes and find a new costume for this year’s Halloween, free of charge. Even if you only find some fairy wings or a cool vampire cape, that’s one free item that you can build a costume around for your little one.


Make the costume swap festive by having some of the moms bring along a few treats for everyone to snack on. The adults can get in on the fun as well by swapping their own gently used costumes. Everyone saves a bunch of money, while ending up with a new costume, and the costumes themselves get to be useful again instead of cluttering your closet.


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