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A brief history of Labor Day: it was established in 1894, the September date was picked by CLU of New York and honored by the trade unions. Labor Day is also the 2nd highest retail day; as retailers take advantage of most Americans having the day off.  Labor Day is also known as the symbolic end of summer. In the fashion world, Labor Day is the official end of wearing white. In the sports world, Labor Day is the start of both the National Football League and Collegiate football.

The whole point of a three-day weekend is to enjoy some serious relaxation. No one wants to spend the weekend slaving over a big backyard meal. Consider combining store bought premade sides or meal along with some fresh fruits and vegetables. Also making a homemade dip or spread with crackers and chips will add a nice touch.  Another great idea is to go to your local farmer’s market early in the weekend to get some fresh fruits and vegetables, and local fare to serve at your party.

Nothing puts the cheery on top of a party like a great frozen drink; whether you make your guests a virgin strawberry daiquiris or a strawberry mojitos. Frozen yummy drinks make any party great.

While you are grilling your chicken, ribs, or lobster, make sure you add in some corn. Grilled corn is a delectable addition to any Labor Day party. Consider making a garlic herb butter to put on top of your grilled corn.

While a traditional dessert for Labor Day is peach cobbler or s’mores. Try something fun and new like a candy bar. Fill decorative bowls or mason jars with your favorite colorful candies. Another idea is a berry, whipped cream, pound cake trifle.  For a dessert on the light and fit side, you could make fruit kabobs. Simply use bamboo skews and put blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. Serve these kabobs with a fruit yogurt dip.

To get your kids involved, set up a table with construction paper and foam red, white, and blue stickers. Ask them to create and decorate their very own flag. Another super cute idea is to have a DIY parade around the block with your party guests. Ask them to bring their wagons, tricycles, tambourines and drums. You could provide the crepe paper, ribbons, and balloons.

Ask your friends to bring their sneakers for a great game of flag football. Or loosen up that shoulder for a great game of “tailgate toss” also called corn hole. These games will make fun ways to enjoy the last few days of summer.


  1. these are some great ideas!! i might just have to host a labor day party.

  2. Thanks for the history about labor day!

  3. Sounds like fun, but I’ve got too much going on already with the kids going back to school to add a party to that.

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