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imagesPlay dates aren’t just fun, sometimes they’re an absolute necessity for moms or dads to stay sane and to feel as though they’re in touch with the outside world. Stay-at-home parents often find that only communicating with their kiddos all day is one of the roughest parts of the job and they crave some connection with other grownups. Play dates, therefore, are an absolute win-win. The kids get to play together, practice their social skills, and the parents get to visit as well. What could be better? Wait, I know, what if you could not only get together with other parents and kids for fun but you could get out and get some much needed fresh air and exercise at the same time?


Why not host a Walk and Play Date? Send an invitation to a few moms or dads and their little ones to come over and play with you and your kids. Once everyone is together, load up into the strollers and head out for a long walk around the neighborhood. If you live in a city setting, head over to a local park and go for a walk there. Once you’re in a wide open space like a park you can let the kids out of the strollers to run around and play while the parents sit down and take a break to visit. Then head back to your house for some lunch or snacks. This is a great reason for a get together, in fact, you could turn this into a weekly event and take turns playing host.

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  1. Once we say bye to winter, I’ll get my kids into these kind of activities.

  2. those outfits are so cute!

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